How do I accept my academic scholarship?

Academic scholarships are accepted electronically through the mySUU Portal. It is recommended that you accept your scholarship within 30 days. Step-by-step instructions on how to accept your academic scholarship can be found at

Please remember, this process applies only to academic scholarships awarded to new incoming freshman and/or transfer students. Departmental or other private scholarships may have difference acceptance processes. If you were awarded a departmental scholarships, contact the specific department responsible.

Please note: you may need to wait a few days after receiving your scholarship offer before you can accept the scholarship in our system. We strive to have scholarships available to accept as soon as possible, but during certain times of the year it can take longer than usual. If you still cannot access your scholarship offer in the mySUU portal five (5) business days after receiving your letter, please contact our office at 435.586.7735.


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