How can I find out what scholarships I may have been awarded?

There are a couple of different ways that you can know whether or not you have been awarded a scholarship. With most scholarships, you will get an award letter letting you know of the scholarship award. This letter will outline the duration, amount and other requirements for the scholarship. The letter will also give you specific instructions on how you can accept the scholarship.

For up to the minute information on what scholarships you have been awarded, you can check your mySUU account. After you receive your award letter, you can check on the status of your award, accept your award, and see any other requirements you may have in order to receive your award. Once you log in to mySUU, click on the "Financial Aid" link near the bottom left corner. (If no link is present AND you have received your award letter, please contact our office at 435.586.7735. ) Once the Financial Aid menu comes up, click on the "Award" link, then "Award by Aid Year". Select the correct aid year from the drop down, and click "Submit". You will be taken to a page that has different options for the given aid year. If you have been awarded a scholarship, in most cases you will see a message on the "General Information" tab letting you know about the scholarship, and where you are in the process. If you click on the "Accept Award Offer" tab, you can accept any awards that have not yet been accepted, as well as see other requirements that you might need to complete for you particular scholarship.


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