P2P and Copyright Infringement

Network Access Reinstatement I understand that disconnection of my network access privileges resulted from activities that violate Southern Utah University policy and/or Federal/State laws. I understand that SUU provides Information Technology resources for my educational benefit and I agree to use these resources in a manner consistent with all applicable university policies and Federal and State law. I understand that repeat violations of university policy and/or Federal/State law will result in another disconnection of my network access privileges and require further review by the Dean of Students for appropriate disciplinary action. I understand that I am not admitting guilt to any alleged copyright infringements by signing this reinstatement form. I also understand that signing this form does not release me from civil and/or criminal liability under US copyright laws. Date: _______ TNumber: _______ Name (Please Print): ______ Signature: ___________ /n

P2P-Network-Access-Reinstatement-Form.pdf (86.4 KB)