SUU Voicemail


The first time you enter the Cisco Messaging System, you will be asked to set up your voicemail. The voice commands will direct the parts that need to be recorded, but they will follow this agenda:

Once you have completed setting up your mailbox, you will be able to listen to your messages (If you need to exit while setting up your mailbox, press * to save your changes). If you do not record your own messages, the system greetings will be active.

Voicemail can be accessed from on or off campus. Your phone will indicate that there is a waiting voicemail by showing a red light on the handset and with a flashing envelope next to your extension on the display screen of your phone.

To access voicemail from your phone:

Press the Messages button (envelope)-this will dial into the Cisco messaging system (8880) Enter your password (788 is the default)

To access voicemail from a different phone:

Dial 865-8880 Enter your ID (extension) Enter your password (788 is the default) Once you have entered the voicemail system, follow the prompts to listen to your voice message

Change your greeting or add other greetings:

You can change your greeting or add other greetings to you phone preferences by dialing into the voice messaging system and pressing 4 to access Set Up Options.

Other phone message options include:


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