Room Assignments and Requests for Changes

Requests for room or hall changes may be made online at MyHousing. A request to move does not guarantee a room change will be approved. UH must approve any room or hall change before any belongings are moved or keys are issued. All communication concerning room changes will take place through email. Any student found to have moved without approval will be required to return to their original assigned room and may face judicial action and/or fines.

A $50 fee is assessed for voluntary room changes. All room changes and related paperwork must be completed within 72 hours of the approval of the change (typically between Tuesday and Thursday), after which a pro rata rent will be charged on both rooms as per contract rates.

UH reserves the right to require residents to change rooms and halls with proper notice in cases of administrative need or to protect the safety, security, community integrity, and academic success of any resident or consolidation. This may or may not be done as a result of a decision through the UH Judicial Education System.


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