Top 10 ways to use Google Apps to Onboard new team members

1. Manage onboarding processes and paperwork online

Cut down on paperwork by moving all your administrative onboarding processes online. With Forms, you can create electronic forms to gather new employee information, collect policy-acknowledgement signatures, and more—in just minutes. These forms are easy to update and can be accessed from kiosks, computers, or mobile devices.

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2 Create effective onboarding documents with your team

Onboarding new team members requires a large amount of content, including health and safety procedures, professional employment contracts, employee handbooks, and so on. Use Docs with your team to create content at the same time, provide specific feedback through real-time comments, and produce documents that capture everyone’s perspective.

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3. Set up simple new employee checklists

Create checklists in Sheets that include all the tasks new employees need to get up to speed, such as software training, company policy reviews, and more. If employees have a question about a task, they can insert a comment in the spreadsheet and get instant feedback.

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4. Store all onboarding materials in one place for quick and easy sharing

Store all your onboarding materials in a Drive folder and share it with each new employee. Onboarding staff can edit the materials from any device, and other team members can see the changes and add feedback in real time. Updates are automatically pushed out to everyone immediately, so the resources stay up to date and consistent for incoming employees.

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5. Simplify the onboarding process by creating a central training website

New employees often get lost in large or distributed companies, which is why most turnover occurs within the first few months of employment. Create a Sites webpage with all your onboarding and training resources so they can quickly get up to speed and easily find important reference materials in one place.

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6. Create impactful training modules and presentations

Want to create training modules for new team members? Need to prepare a presentation for new employee orientations? Jump in to Slides with your team to turn your key messages and information into an impactful training program.

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7. Train new employees anytime, anywhere

Have a distributed workforce that needs timely training? Want to reduce onsite training costs? Use Hangouts to conduct virtual training classes across the globe while saving time and travel costs. Or, use Hangouts On Air to deliver a live talk to new staff members all over the world and then hold a discussion session. You can even record the training to make it available on demand later. Just store the recording with your other training materials in Drive or host it on a Sites training website.

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8. Hold office hours or mentoring workshops

Even with training programs in place, new employees often have a lot of questions when they get started—help them settle in faster with office hours or one-to-one mentoring workshops. Create bookable appointment slots in Calendar, then share a link to your calendar with incoming employees.

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9. Set up a welcome event for new team members

Help new employees feel like part of the team by organizing a welcome event in Google+. Send a team-wide invite along with a welcome note introducing new employees and the venue information. Then, keep your event on track by collecting responses and sending out reminders. Afterwards, share photographs, videos, and more on the event page.

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10. Improve information sharing between new employees

Use Google+ social communities within your organization to help new employees learn from one another, share ideas, organize onboarding team events, and create a sense of support and community.

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