Hourly Employee Time Input

SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY ONLINE HOURLY TIME ENTRY TRAINING /nLOG - IN Log - in to mySUU Portal with your Username and Password. If you have never logged in before, you will need to activate your account. If you are having problems logging in or activating your account, go to online help or contact phone support. /nTIME SHEET On the Home tab, under the Employees section. /nSELECTING TIME SHEET/PAY PERIOD If you have multiple jobs, select the appropriate job in the By will display the current pay period. Select the drop down menu to select the appropriate pay period to enter time). Select the Time Sheet button. /nENTER HOURS Note: Your time sheet will always give the due date and time for submission. the appropriate day. Put the hours worked button. /nSUBMITTING HOURS At the END of the Pay Period, you will submit your hours by button. After submitting, DO NOT press the back button. Simply click right hand side. /nPAY PERIODS Work from the 1 st - 15 th Get Paid on the 25 th of the same month Work from the 16 th - end of the month Get Paid on the 10 th of the following month Pay Day Pay Day /nHOURLY LATE TIME FORM Your time sheet is due on the last day of the pay period by midnight. If you do not submit your hours on time, then you will have to fill out a Hourly Late Time Form . /nHOURLY LATE TIME FORM Late time forms are located in AD 203. Late time forms can also be found online at the http:// suu.edu/ad/controller/pdf/hourly - late - time - form.pdf Late time forms need to be turned in at AD 203 in the wire basket with all of the fields completed. Remember your signature and Please look for any signs by the wire basket indicating if the online time form has been reopened. Late time forms will be processed on the following hourly payroll. /n

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