Contract Employee Leave: Reporting

SUU Leave Reporting On The Web: Follow this path: >open your Internet browser >go to >click on Faculty & Staff >click on Banner Login >under Banner Login Information click on Banner Self Serve >then click on Enter Secure Area /n /n /n /n Enter your user ID and PIN and click Login . Your user ID and PIN are both case sensitive. Your ID is comprised of a T + 8 numbers and will be assigned to you by the university. If you are a new employee, the first time you log in, your PIN is your birth date stated as MMDDYY. You will be asked to change your PIN immediately to something of your choosing. > enter your User ID and PIN; you can use the tab key to move between fields or click in the field using the mouse > click Login /n Click on Employee. This will give you access to leave reports, time off requests, benefits, leave or job data, paystubs, W2 and T4 forms, and W4 data. For employees who were on campus prior to January 1, 2004 : if you need to access your employment history and pay stubs prior to the above date, you will need to access Historical Employment Data (Web for Employees) on the Human Resources website. /n Once you have entered Employee Services , there are many services you can access. We will be focusing on reporting leave on the web. Click on Leave Report /n Several options are available on this screen. If you are accessing your Leave Report to submit your vacation, sick, etc. for the open reporting period: >click on Access My Leave Report . >then click on Select /n Use the drop down list to select the reporti ng period for which you are submitting leave taken >then click on Leave Report /n >Find the date on which you took time off >Click on Enter Hours below the date in the row that matches the type of leave you took. For instance, if you took vacation time on March 2nd, click here Please note that, although it says fiTime Sheetfl in the upper left corner, it says fiLeave Reportfl on the form itself. /n >Enter the number of hours you took on that date in the Hours box >Click on Save /n The hours will be inserted into the appropriate row under the date. To move to the next set of da tes you will need to click on the Next button; once you™ve moved on you can return to the original set of dates by clicking on the Previous button. /n If you took a week off and wanted to enter the same amount of hours for each of those days, you have another option. After entering the number of hours taken in the box, >click on Copy /n You will then see the box below. Follow the dire ctions in the box to select multiple dates and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and >select Copy again. /n Once it has been copied, you will see the box below and the message Your hours have been copied successfully. Scroll down and Click on Preview /n If you would like to print a copy of your time fo r this reporting period, you can do it from this screen. It warns you to set your pr inter on landscape before printing. After reviewing your time for the reporting period, >Click on Previous Menu /n You are again brought back to the main screen. Once you have finished entering all leave taken for that reporting period >Click on Submit for Approval /n You will then be asked to verify that it is really you submitting this time >by entering your pin number again and then >clicking on Submit /n When your leave report has been submitted successf ully, it will indicate the date it was submitted for approval and the status of that approval. Your supervisor will automatically be sent an e-mail message advising him or her that you have submitted a leave report that needs his or her approval. When it is approved, it will indicate who approved it and the date it was approved. When you are finished, click on Exit in the upper right hand corner and it will take you out of the Leave Report area. /n If you click on Return to Homepage , it will take you back to the start of Banner Self-Serve. If you would like to access another area of Banner Self Serve, you can click on Site Map. /n When your supervisor approves your leave report or sends it back to you for corrections, you will receive an e-mail indicating the status. You can access your leave report and the approval status will be indicated at the bottom. Your supervisor has the option of returning your Leave Report for corrections or approving it. If your supervisor has made comments you will need to >click on Comments to read them. If you have been asked to correct some leave th at you have entered, make the corrections and re- submit for approval. Once the leave has been approved, you can no longer make corrections or changes to it on the web. Any changes or corrections will have to be made by the Human Resource Office and will need to be submitted by your supervisor. This can be done via an e-mail to Lynne™ Shurtz /n If there are Comments >Click on Comments /n Comments field /n

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