Hourly Employee Time Approval

FOR SUPERVISORS TO APPROVE TIME Follow the same first six steps of how students access Banner Self Serve. When your screen of personal information comes up, click on the Time Sheet icon to approve time. /n On this screen, a) the dot next to the caption fiApprove or Acknowledge Timefl should already be marked. If this is the case, click the fisubmitfl box. If the fiApprove or Acknowledge Timefl dot is not marked, please mark it and then click the fisubmitfl box. /na) On this selection screen, the Banner ORG numbers your student s have submitted time under will a ppear and a dot will appear i n the box. b) You can choose to approve either one or all of them by f illing in the dot under fimy choice.fl You can also choose a method o f sorting either by status or by name. Wh en you have done this, click the fisubmitfl box. /na) All of your students that are waiting for approval will be under the Pending ID icon. b) You can view their total hours on this screen. c) To see a breakdown of their time, click on the fiC hange Time Recordfl icon below other information. d) If their hours are correct, click in the box under Approve or FYI. e) If their time is incorrect, you can click on the box under Return for Correction. This will send the timesheet back to th e student. Please tell your student to fix it and resubmit. Once you have verified that all the time is correct, clic k the fisavefl box to submit the time to the Payroll Office. /nTo confirm that the time has been submitted, a yellow triangle w ith the caption fiX record(s) have been approved/acknowledgedfl w ill appear and you are good to go! Realize that once a supervisor submits time to the P ayroll Office, the time submitted may not be altered! REALIZE ALSO THAT ONCE THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING TIME HAS EXPIRED, TIME MAY NOT BE ENTERED!* /nTo set up a Proxy Supervisor All secondary supervisors must be contract employees. No re gular students, non-student/non-contract, adjunct faculty, or temporary staff can be set up as secondary supervisors. You are responsible for setting up a proxy supervisor if you choose to have one. This person will act as the supervisor when you are unable to fill out time. The proxy will have the same access to the payroll sys tem as you. Open your Internet browser and click on the Faculty & Staff link. /n On the left side column, click on the fiBanner Loginfl box. /n There are two options here. You will be using Internet Native Banner (the second option). Please read the instructions below the icon before progressing, as your computer may need to download a program before you use Banner. /n This is the login screen. Please use your Banner username and password. Leave the database area blank and click on the ficonnectfl box to get into Banner. /nThis is the general information screen in Banner. To set up a proxy, type NTRPROX in the box next to fiGo:fl and hit enter. /nYour user name should appear on this scree n. If it™s not, type it in (it should be your e-mail address name). Press Ctrl/Page Down when you have done this. /nA caption saying no records have been retrie ved should appear. Click ok and you will proceed to a screen asking for an alterna tive USER ID and an alternative password. Use your same ba nner login you used to log into Banner and press Verify. /nThis will take you back to this screen. Press Ctrl/P age Down to get to the bottom part of the screen. /nGo to the Options menu and click on fiTime Entry Proxy Information.fl This will bring up this screen: Using the flashlight, find the name of your proxy supervisor a nd double click their ID. It will appear as shown above. Click F10 and it will be saved. Your proxy supervisor has now been set up! /n

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