Contract Employee Leave: Approval

SUU Leave Reporting on the Web: Web Approval Follow this path: >open your Internet browser >go to >click on Faculty & Staff >click on Banner Login >under Banner Login Information click on Banner Self Serve /n /n /n Enter your user ID and PIN and click Login . Your user ID and PIN are both case sensitive. Your ID is comprised of a T + 8 numbers and will be assigned to you by the university. If you are a new employee, the first time you log in, your PIN is your birth date stated as MMDDYY. You will be asked to change your PIN immediately to something of your choosing. > enter your User ID and PIN; you can use the tab key to move between fields or click in the field using the mouse > click Login /n Click on Employee. This will give you access to time sheet s (hourly), leave reports (contract), time off requests, benefits, leave or job data , paystubs, W2 and T4 forms, and W4 data. For employees who were on campus prior to January 1, 2004 : if you need to access your employment history and pay stubs prior to the above date, you will need to access Historical Employment Data (Web for Employees) on the Human Resources website. /n Once you have entered Employee Services , there are many services you can access. We will be focusing on web approval. Click on Leave Report. /n Several options are available on this screen. If you are going to approve Leave Reports (Contract), Time Sheets (Hourly) or approve Leave Requests (Contract), >click on Approve or Acknowledge Time . >then click on Select /n If you supervise both contract and hourly empl oyees, you will have to make a selection on the type of document you are approving (f or our purposes, you are approving Leave Reports) Then select on the dropdown list the leave report period you are approving. Leave reporting will be done on a monthly basis and will have LR in front of the dates. You can choose whether you want to sort by status or by name /n To review an individual™s time record, >click on their name /n The next step is to review the employee™s submitte d leave report. The supervisor can then either Approve the record, Return for Correction, or Change the Record. Because the leave reporting period covers a whole month, you will have to use the scroll bar at the bottom to move back and forth to see all days. A supervisor can make comments when a pproving a leave report or sending it back for corrections. >click on Add Comment /n Type in any comments you want to make and then >click on Save Next >click on Previous Menu and it will return you to the main screen where you can go ahead and make your selection on the leave report to either approve or return for corrections . /n Please notice that a Leave Report has one feature that was not available beforeŠ leave balances for each employee are found below the leave report. /n If you returned the Leave Report for corrections, it will tell you that it was successfully returned for corrections next to the yellow triangle. You will then have to wait for the employee to make the corrections and return the Leave Report to you. If the Leave Report was Approved (as this one was), then the screen will now show you >1) the Leave Report wa s successfully approved. >2) 8 Vacation hours were posted to the employee™s leave balances. >3) the updated leave balances for the employee. /n Supervisor logs out of Banner Self Serve when web time entry approval is complete. NOTE: With this new process of reporting leave taken, the employee will report leave at the end of the month it was taken in. Leave will be reported fiaft er the factfl. The only exception will be June. June™s time will need to be reported by the 28 th of June so that end of fiscal year totals can be calculated. Leave balances will continue to show up on the paycheck stubs. /n

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