Creating a Site using an SUU Template

Visit Log in with your SUU account, if you are not already logged in. Once logged in, click the red "CREATE" button in the upper left corner.

Next you'll choose the template for your site, name your site and adjust the URL (if you choose.)

Note: If you name your site with your name (Jane Doe) then Google will try to create the URL (or Site Location) as jane-doe. Just know that when you publish your site, you can use a domain, and that Site Location will become part of that URL. (

You will be shown your new home page. You can begin editing that page immediately or jump into the site settings.

Under Site Settings you can access "Edit Site Layout" and can change your photo, edit the navigation bar and other framework elements.

Editing a page can be as simple as editing the text or can be a lot more complex. This training is not going to get into all of the Google Gadgets available to users. Users can explore those on their own. But the basics for editing a course information page are as follows:

Navigate to the course page by clicking on the link. Choose the "Edit" icon. (Little pencil button in the top right) Edit the term/year for timeliness. Edit the list of courses. Add any associated files you wish to share. (It's a good idea to give your files clear filenames to help your users. Also, if you upload a document with the same filename at a later date, it will automatically replace the previous one and change the version number.)

Once you've edited all of your pages and are comfortable with their content, the final step is to make sure your pages are available to visitors on the web. Click the blue "Share" button in the upper right corner.

You need to adjust "Who has access" to make the site public.

You can edit your site at any time anywhere you have an internet connection.


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