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Get Started with Ellucian Solution Manager 1.Ellucian Solution Manager is a software system that provides a centralized, consistent methodology to download, install, configure, and manage Ellucian products. How to begin Review all of the documents in the Solution Manager 1. Content located in the documentation library at Ellucian Client Support > Ellucian Hub > Ellucian Support Center. Select Ellucian Solution Manager from the Documentation Libraries drop-down list . Ellucian Solution Manager 1. Starting Ellucian Solution Manager 1. Release HighlightsEllucian Solution ManagerPrerequisitesEllucian Solution Manager 1. Installation and Configuration Guide EllucianSolution Manager 1. User GuideEllucian Solution Manager - ProdType_BannerERP-1_ VersioningTemplateEllucian Solution Manager Banner Upgrades Status First time installation and configuration The following steps are intended for clients who are installing and configuring Ellucian Solution Manager for the first time. Note: Clients who have already installed and configured Ellucian Solution Manager, and who are upgrading to Ellucian Solution Manager Release 1. , should start with the Ellucian SolutionManager 1. Release Highlights document and disregard the following steps.Step Information Source 1.Review the Release Highlights and Resolutions Report .Solution Manager 1. Content packEllucian Solution Manager 1. Release Highlightsand Ellucian Solution Manager Resolutions Report 1. 2.Review the Prerequisites .Use prior to installing Solution Manager to verify the necessary environment setup .Solution Manager 1. Content packEllucian Solution ManagerPrerequisites3.Retrieve the Prerequisite Validation scripts located on the Download Center. Source file: Ellucian Solution Manager Prerequisites /nStep Information Source 4.the Prerequisite Validation scripts.from the scripts should be run to verify environment prerequisi te setup. Ellucian Solution Manager Prerequisites5.Install the Solution Manager a pplication . configuration information. Ellucian Solution Manager 1. Installation andConfiguration Guide 6.Configure Solution Manager to upgrades in a Banner environment. toidentify configuration information. Manager Banner Environments with Solution Manager section to understand what needs to be entered. Ellucian Solution Manager 1. User Guide / online help7.Verify your configuration. On the Products tab in the Solution Manager Admin Banner installations. Ellucian Solution Manager 1. User Guide / online help8.Identify which upgrades are supported by Solution Manager. Ellucian Solution Manager Banner Upgrades Status 9.Ellucian Solution Manager 1. User Guide / online help/n

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