Java Cache and Security Settings for INB

The following instructions work for both Windows and Mac

Java Control Panel

Open the Java Control Panel and click "Settings..."

Delete Files...

Click on "Delete Files..."

Check all boxes and click OK

Make sure all 3 checkboxes are checked and then click "OK"

Click "OK"

Click "OK" to get rid of the Temporary Files Settings window.

Go to the Security tab

Go to the Security tab and click "Edit Site List..."

Add SUU url to exception site list

Add the SUU url to the exception site list. URL to add is

Click OK

Restore Security Prompts

Click the "Restore Security Prompts" button.

Restore All

Click the "Restore All" button.

Close Java Control Panel & Restart Browser

That is it. You can close the Java control panel and then restart the user's web browser.