Banner Admin 8 vs 9 Keyboard Shortcuts

!"##$%&'$()"%+&,-%./0.1 &!"##$%&'&"#(&!"##$%&)&*+,-"%./+# & BANNER 8 COMMAND BANNER 9 F5 Direct Access / Go to Alt + G (see: Next Block) Go Shift + F3 Shift + F7 Rollback / Start Over Shift + F2 Copy Term Alt + C End Term Alt + X F4 Duplicate Record / Copy record/section Shift + F6 F6 Insert Record Shift + F4 Shift + F6 Delete Record Shift + F5 F10 Save Shift + F10 F9 List of Values / Lookup F9 F7 Enter Query / Filter Shift + F7 F8 Execute Query / Go (on Filter) Shift + F8 Ctrl + Page Down Next Block/Section Page Down Ctrl + Page Up Previous Block/Section Page Up Tab Next Field Tab Shift + Tab Previous Field Shift + Tab Down Arrow Next Record Down Arrow Up Arrow Previous Record Up Arrow Ctrl + U Clear Field Backspace Cancel (window) Esc (When a window is open and a Cancel button is displayed, the Escape key can be used to close the window.) Cancel (page) Not available at this time Ctrl + Q Exit Ctrl + Q F1 Help Alt + F1 Item Properties Alt + I Tools Alt + L Browse menu Alt + M Home Shift + Home (returns to Main page) Ctrl + F1 Show Keyboard Shortcuts Mouse over each button /n

BannerAdminKeyboardShortcuts.pdf (70.1 KB)

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