Personal Canvas Settings

The following tutorials will show you how to change your user settings, access and manage your personal files, and set up web services such as Google, Skype, Twitter, and more.

Changing User Settings

Adding a Profile Picture

You have the option to add a profile picture to your Canvas profile. While SUU does not require you to have a photo, we highly recommend that you add a profile picture to help others identify you.

To learn how to add a Profile Picture visit here.

Adding Contact Methods

Within Canvas you are able to add contact methods, a default email address, and receive SMS text messages. You may also need to remove an email. In order to so you will first need to add a new default address, and then you can simply select the trash can icon next to the email you no longer wish to have listed.

Changing Notification Settings

You can add communication methods to your account and receive notifications through text message, email, or via the Canvas app. For example, you can receive a text with their test scores, an email telling you what's due today, or a push notification when you have a new Inbox message. Learn how to set your Canvas Notifications.

For more advanced tutorials on setting up your user settings please see the Instructure Help Pages.

Personal Files and Managing Space

Canvas has a tool to manage your Personal Files. The Personal Files tool is an online storage place for files you want to store in your Canvas account. It has a maximum capacity of 200 megabytes (MB).

The Personal Files tool differs from the Files tool you may see in the pane on the left in your courses. That Files tool contains the files that the instructor uploads to that specific course and can only be accessed within the course.

Access a guide to files by clicking here.

Setting up Web Services

Canvas is integrated with a number of third party web services. Web services are websites, that are not developed by Instructure, in which users can link their Canvas accounts. Examples include Google Drive, Twitter, Skype, and others. Most of these services can be configured from the user settings page.

For specific instructions on connecting web services to your Canvas account, check out the Instructure Help Pages.

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