Assignments [Students]

Where you are able to turn in assignments, view rubrics, and more. Visit the different tutorials linked in this tutorial to see specifcs about Assignments.

You will need to know how to submit an assignment. Instructors can choose which type of submission they want you to submit. Make sure you are submitting the correct file type if you are submitting a file. You can also have a media, text entry, or website URL submission depending on what your teacher allows. To view more in depth topics about assignments, or to see how to submit different types of assignments please visit the Instructure Tutorials.

Many teachers have peer review assignments. You will be able to access these by going into the specific assignment and selecting the names of the students you will be peer reviewing on the right hand side of the page underneath where it says Submission turned in. Learn how to submit a peer review assignment

Your teacher may also comment on your assignment. You can find these comments either on the grades page or assignments page. Learn how to view instructor comments and feedback.

Screenshot of an assignment.

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