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Listed below are basic tutorials on quizzes. If you would like to learn more advanced information on quizzes please visit: Quizzes.

There are many different features you can have in your quiz. You can have it be a practice quiz, ungraded survey, or graded survey. You can have a time limit and/or allow multiple attempts. You also get to decide when students will see their answers and the correct answers. You can require an access code. You are able to assign the quiz to just one section of your course or multiple sections with the option of different due dates. There are also many styles of questions you can ask including multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, fill in multiple blanks, multiple answers, multiple dropdowns, matching, numerical answer, and formula question. These are all automatically graded. There are also the options of an essay question, file upload question, or text. These questions must manually be graded.
A question bank is a set of questions from which you can choose when you are creating quizzes. Learn how to create, manage, and use a question bank.
Moderating Quizzes can be giving certain students an extra attempt and/or more time on their attempts. Oh no! Your students just took a quiz/exam in Canvas, but you didn't realize that a question had the wrong answer marked until afterward! Don't worry. Canvas has a regrade feature that allows you to fix the answer and reward the correct score to your students all at once. NOTE: Questions that are part of a question bank cannot be regraded as outlined in this tutorial because the questions may be used in more than one question bank.

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