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Kaltura is a third party video hosting platform that is integrated right into Canvas. It provides unlimited video storage space, automatic captioning, and works with other tools like Annoto. Videos can be embedded on pages, including assignments, announcements, quizzes, and more.

Accessing Kaltura

Kaltura can be access by going to either the My Media link from your Profile, or by enabling and going to Media Gallery on a course. Videos can be published from My Media into the Media Gallery, making it available for learners to view.

Kaltura Capture

Along with uploading videos, you can use the Kaltura Capture tool to record video and have it automatically upload to your My Media. It also lets you capture both your screen and webcam simultaneously.

For more information on Kaltura Capture, see the Kaltura Knowledge Center.

Video Editing & Quizzes

Kaltura has a simple built-in video editor that allows you to cut and splice videos uploaded to My Media. The editor also lets you set up Video Quizzes, which will present watchers with graded questions at specified points in the video.

For more information on the Kaltura Video Editor, check out the Kaltura Knowledge Center.

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