[Faculty] Create a Conference in Canvas


This tutorial will show you how to create and begin an Adobe Connect conference in Canvas.

Step 1

Open the course in which you want to create a conference and select the Conferences tool in the navigation pane on the left. Please note that you may need to activate this tool for it to appear for your students to access the conference room.

Screenshot of the Conferences tool.

Step 2

Select the New Conference button in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the New Conference tool.

Step 3

Delete the entire default title in the Name section. Type the current semester (S=Spring, F=Fall, M=Summer) with year followed with the date (yy-mm-dd) and your last name (i.e. S14-03-19-Smith). This is done to ensure your meeting room is not deleted until the end of the semester. We delete old conferences from past semesters, and so naming your conferences in this way helps us identify old conferences and helps us maintain our license parameters.


You will get an error message when you try to start a conference if your title has too many characters, so keep your conference title as short as possible. The limit is 26 characters with no spaces. If your last name has over 16 characters, just shorten it so it meets the 26 character limit.

Screenshot of the Name field.

Step 4

Check the box next to No time limit so you don’t have to worry about your conference ending too soon. Add a description if you would like one.

Screenshot of the time limit.

Step 5

Uncheck the box next to Invite All Course Members. Since you will be using this room multiple times, it is not needed for you to invite your students. When you have finished customizing the settings of the conference, select Update.

Screenshot of the member section.

Screenshot of the Update button.

Step 6

Select Start to begin the conference.

Screenshot of the start button.

Due to the current nature of our Canvas-Connect integration, you will be listed as a Participant the first time you create a conference. You will need to be assigned as a Host on the Connect server in order to use Adobe Connect in your course. This assignment is only needed to be performed once by SUU Online. Please contact us via email at online@suu.edu. Once we have performed that action, as the instructor, you will be able to host your web conferences via Canvas.

Screenshot of the Hosts section.


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