Can I make a class schedule in Google Sheets?

Yes. Google Sheets is an excellent resource for preparing a shareable schedule.

  1. Start by making a blank time template. Screen<em>Shot</em>2017-12-14<em>at</em>11.56.51_AM.png

  2. Add your classes to their time slots. Screen<em>Shot</em>2017-12-14<em>at</em>12.02.49_PM.png

  3. You can bold selection by hitting Control+B. Screen<em>Shot</em>2017-12-14<em>at</em>12.11.03_PM.png

  4. Colors can be easily adjusted by highlighting the cells and selecting a color. Screen<em>Shot</em>2017-12-14<em>at</em>12.03.10_PM.png

  5. Columns can be adjusted by pulling on edges. Screen<em>Shot</em>2017-12-14<em>at</em>12.06.56_PM.png

  6. You can insert images by clicking insert and selecting image... Screen<em>Shot</em>2017-12-14<em>at</em>12.19.15_PM.png

  7. Your new schedule can be printed for convenience. Room numbers and professor names may also be useful. Screen<em>Shot</em>2017-12-14<em>at</em>12.20.18_PM.png


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