This article is out of date and is no longer maintained.

How do I setup direct deposit?

Step1: Log into mySUU and locate the "Direct Deposit" page.

*NOTE: *These instructions are only for setting up direct deposit for financial aid refunds. Payrol direct deposits have to be set up with the Human Resources office.

Step 2a: If you already have a bank account for SUU payroll.

If you already have a bank account setup that is being used for SUU payroll, you will see the bank name and a masked bank account number.

  1. You may choose to use the same bank account for financial aid refunds by clicking the drop down menu and selecting "Use this account for financial aid deposits."
  2. You may choose to setup a new bank account for financial aid refunds if you wish to have your financial aid refund go to a different bank account than your payroll. You would only choose this option if you want your financial aid refund to go to a completely different bank account than your pay checks.

Note: If you choose option one, there is nothing more you have to do. If you choose option two, continue reading these instructions.

Step 2b: If you don't have any bank account info yet.

Click the "Add a new bank account" button.

Step 3: Enter your bank information.

  1. Enter your bank's routing number.
  2. Enter your bank account number.
  3. Choose the account type: Savings or Checking.
  4. Submit


Once you've entered your bank account details, SUU will perform a verification to make sure they can make deposits. If there are any problems, SUU will contact you directly.

Remember, this can only be used to setup direct deposits for financial aid refunds. For payroll deposits, please contact HR. Also, if you wish to update your bank account details after you have entered them, you will need to contact HR or the Controller's Office.