How to Access Canvas Courses

All of SUU's online courses and many face-to-face course components are delivered through the Canvas LMS (learning management system). In order to use Canvas you have to log in through your MySUU Portal.

Logging in through the MySUU Portal

You can log in to Canvas through your MySUU portal. To access your portal, navigate to the SUU Homepage, click on the MySUU Portal link.
Enter your username and password and click the green LOGIN button.

After you log into the MySUU Portal you can access Canvas by clicking on the Canvas button at the top-right.

If you are taken back to the login page again after you select Canvas, contact Online Teaching and Learning at 435-865-8555 or If you cannot get logged into the MySUU Portal, please contact the IT Help Desk at 435-865-8200.

Access Canvas Courses

Current Enrollments

To access courses in which you are currently enrolled, log in to your Canvas account and then select the Courses icon on the left menu. Select the name of a course to view the content.

If you do not see your class in the Courses list, there are a few possible reasons:

  1. You're looking too soon. Your courses will not show up in the drop-down list until the day before classes start.
  2. The course is unpublished. Your instructor may not have published the course yet, which can happen at the beginning of the semester.
  3. You need to customize your courses list. The courses menu can be customized to show only certain courses. To make sure some of your courses aren't hiding, select the Courses icon in the pane on the left, select All Courses, and make sure all of your current courses have a star to the left of the title. For help customizing your course list in the Canvas app, visit the Canvas Guides.
  4. You registered less than 24 hours ago. It takes a full day to update in the Canvas system.
  5. If the above reasons do not apply to your courses and you cannot see your courses still, please contact Online Teaching and Learning for assistance 435-865-8555 or

Past Enrollments

To view concluded courses select the Courses icon in the pane on the left and select All Courses.
Scroll to the bottom to view the Past Enrollments section and select the course to open it.

Further Reading

For more information on accessing courses and using the Courses page, take a look at the following Canvas Guides pages:

SUU Online Teaching & Learning
(435) 865-8555


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