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Canvas is the Learning Management System [LMS] that is used here at SUU. It is a vehicle for faculty to teach online correspondence, supplemental face to face "lecture" sections, and online synchronous courses.


Canvas was chosen by Utah Education Network [UEN] for the UEN Consortium, of which SUU is a member. All of Utah's higher education institutions are members of the Consortium.

Find out how to access Canvas!

Select the following links for more information about Canvas:
SUU Online Teaching and Learning

Canvas has lots of different features you will be using during your time at SUU. You will be using Canvas to complete your course work as well as interact with your instructor and peers in those courses. Quickly, we will go over how you can access additional help you may need while using Canvas.

Accessing the Guide

Clicking the links below will take you to guides on how to use Canvas.
Faculty Guide

Accessing the Guide via Canvas

You can also access the walkthrough via Canvas. When you are on your dashboard or the course homepage, you can click on the blue How to Use Canvas button in the top right corner.

Click one of the following links for more information.  

In order to use Canvas, you have to log in first. There are two ways to log into the program. Just follow these steps and you'll be using Canvas in no time!


Access via SUU Homepage

Open a web browser (Firefox, Safari or Chrome are recommended) and navigate to the SUU Homepage. Click Current Students or Faculty & Staff in the top left corner of the SUU main webpage.
Click Canvas in the left-hand pane.
Enter your username and password and click the green LOGIN button.


Access via mySUU Portal

You can also log in to Canvas through your mySUU portal. To access your portal, navigate to the SUU Homepage, click on the mySUU Portal link.
Enter your username and password and click the green LOGIN button. Next, click Canvas on the right side of the page, and you will automatically be logged into Canvas.
If you are taken back to the login page again after you select Canvas, contact Online Teaching and Learning at 435-865-8555 or

SUU Online Teaching & Learning
(435) 865-8555


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