Can I Combine Multiple Courses into One Shell?

Say you are teaching 5 different sections of the same course. Rather than have you create the exact same content 5 different times, you can submit a cross-list request! The Cross-Listing Request sends a request to SUU Online to combine your separate course sections into one manageable shell. Once the shells are combined, you will only need to make changes to one shell, and the changes will be in effect for all of your students. Therefore, all of your students in the combined sections will see the exact same thing.

As you are preparing to fill out the Combine Shells Request Form, you will want to be ready to provide

  1. Subject
  2. Course Number
  3. Section
  4. CRNs of all courses to be combined

The course you put in the "Parent Course" field is the course that all courses entered in the "Course Numbers, Sections, and CRNs" field will be combined into.

Note: If you already have content in the courses, all content will be overwritten by the content of the "Parent Course" meaning you will LOSE any content in the other shells!


First, click on the link below to get to the form.
Combine Shells Request

Course Information

Enter the primary course (or "parent course"). This is the course that will house all your sections.
Now enter the sections you want to be the "child course," making sure the information is in the correct format of SUBJ-COURSE#-SECTION#-CRN.
Only put one section per line. If you need to add more than one section, click on the plus symbol and another line will appear below the previous one.

Instructor Information

Enter your full name, SUU email address, and your phone number. Then click Submit and you're all done!

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