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  1. How do I use the Syllabus as an instructor?
  2. How do I edit the Syllabus description in a course?

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Step 1

In the course you wish to edit the syllabus, go to the syllabus tab. Download the syllabus by selecting the Syllabus.

Syllabus Page

Step 2

Open the downloaded syllabus and Edit what you would like to change.

Example of a syllabus

Step 3

Now that your syllabus has the correct updated information save the document and reupload it to Canvas by going to Files, then select Upload in the upper right-hand corner.

Files Tab and Upload Button

Step 4

Select the correct new document then select open. Now go to the Syllabus Tab on the left. Select Edit.

Syllabus Tab and Edit Button

Step 5
  1. Delete the old document on the page.

  2. Select Files from the toolbar on the right and find your document.

  3. Select the new Syllabus and it will appear on the page.

  4. Select Update Syllabus.

How to Edit your Syllabus

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