The following tutorials will show you how to set up, update, and upload scores with the iClicker. 

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This tutorial will show you how to integrate iClicker with your Canvas courses.

Getting Started

Step 1

To download the iclicker files, select either Windows or Mac depending on your operating system. This tutorial will demonstrate the Windows version.

Step 2

Extract the folder. Make sure the Show Extracted Files When Complete option is selected.

Screenshot of exporting the folder.

Step 3

Open the SUUiclickerwin7 folder and then open the iclicker.exe file.

Screenshot of opening the iclicker file.

Step 4

Select +Create.

Screenshot of the + Create button.

Step 5

Type in your course name and then select Create.

Screenshot of creating a course.

Syncing Your Canvas Roster with iClicker

Step 1

Open the course in Canvas and go to the gradebook. Select Export in the top right corner. Open the csv file in Microsoft Excel.

Screenshot of the Export button.

Step 2

Select the File tab and then select Save As.

Screenshot of the Save As option.

Step 3

Navigate to the SUUiclickerwin7 folder (folder you extracted earlier), open it, and then open the Classes folder. Then open the folder named after the course from which you just exported the grade book.

Screenshot of the folder named after the class.

Step 4

Rename the file to roster_canvas. You must name the file this name in order for iClicker to recognize it. Then select Save.

screenshot of saving the roster file.

Step 5

Select Yes when a window opens asking if you want to keep using the CSV format.

Screenshot of the Yes button.

Step 6

Close Excel. When a window appears asking if you want to save changes to the file, select Don't Save.

Screenshot of the Don't Save button.

Step 7

Reopen the iclicker program and select Settings.

Screenshot of the Settings button.

Step 8

Select the Gradebook tab and then select the Select Course button.

Screenshot of selecting the Select Course button.

Step 9

Log into Canvas.

Screenshot of the sign in page.

Step 10

Choose the course for which you are using iclicker and then select Select.

Screenshot of selecting the course.

Step 11

Select Save.

Screenshot of the Save button.

Step 12

Select Open Gradebook.

Screenshot of the Open Gradebook button.

Step 13

Verify that all of your students have been downloaded into the grade book. Go to Uploading iClicker Scores to Canvas for instructions on sending iClicker data to Canvas.

Screenshot of students in the gradebook.

Update iClicker

This tutorial will show you how to update your iclicker to the newest version.

Step 1

Open the iclicker.exe file.

Screenshot of iclicker.exe

Step 2

Select Help in the toolbar at the top and select Check for Update.

Screenshot of selecting Check for Update.

Uploading iClicker Scores to Canvas

This tutorial will show you how to send your iclicker data from the iclicker program to your Canvas grade book. iClicker should already be integrated with Canvas at this point. If it is not, see the Set Up iClicker Integration for Canvas tutorial before continuing with this tutorial.

Step 1

Open the iclicker program, select the appropriate course, and then select Open Gradebook.

Screenshot of the Open Gradebook button.

Step 2

If you have any remote IDs that are not associated with a student's name, select Sync Roster in the toolbar at the top.

Screenshot of the Sync button.

Step 3

Once the synchronization process is complete, you will see a window that tells you how many records were updated. Select Close. If all of your students have already registered their remotes, all remote IDs will be associated with a student, and so you will only see student names. However, if a student hasn't registered his/her remote, you will still see an unassociated remote ID after you sync. In order for the student to receive credit in Canvas for his/her responses, the student must register his/her remote.

Screenshot of the Close button.

Screenshot of the newly synced gradebook.

Step 4

Once every remote ID has been registered with a student, select Sync Scores in the toolbar at the top.

Screenshot of the Export button.

Step 5

Select which session(s) you would like to send to Canvas. Then select Next.

Screenshot of selecting the session(s).

Step 6

Choose how you would like export your data. In the top section, the first option creates a separate column for each session. The second option combines all sessions into one column. The bottom section depends on settings you would have set before the session. Next, select Upload.

Screenshot of the Export button.

You will see a window showing the progress of the upload. Once all of the scores have been uploaded, the window will say Scores uploaded successfully. Select Close.

Screenshot of the progress window.

Step 14

Navigate to the grade book and look for a column named after the session (Example: Session 1)

Screenshot of the gradebook column.


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