Login Problems

If you are having problems logging into Canvas, first try recovering your account. You can do so at the following link: https://my.suu.edu/accounts/activate. If you’re unable to remember your associated email address, select the Alternate activation button located in the bottom right corner. You will be asked for your social, birthdate, and zip code.

If for whatever reason the account activation does not work, contact the SUU Helpdesk at (435)865-8200. They will be able to answer any questions about your login information and resolve any problems you’re having with logging in. The SUU Helpdesk is over SUU portal login information, which is the same as Canvas login information, so the SUU Helpdesk has the resources to help you with login problems while we (Online Teaching and Learning) do not.

Screenshot of activating your account.


SUU Online Teaching & Learning
(435) 865-8555


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