To submit an online assignment, simply go to the assignment page and click the Submit button. Depending on the settings your instructor has set for the assignment, you may have to upload a file, write in a text box, record media, or a number of other options.

Some professors require peer reviews for assignments. These can be done from the assignment's page, under the submission button. Feedback from your peers can be found on the submissions page.

Professors will often leave feedback and comments on your submitted assignments. These can be found from the submission page. You are able reply to these comments, if desired.

More information about assignments can be found at the Instructure Help Pages.


Exams or quizzes can be accessed from a variety of places, but the most common are the Quizzes and Modules pages. Be aware of the parameters of the quiz or exam— time limits, time frames (dates available), and other restrictions may be applied to different quizzes depending on the instructor. Once you've access the quiz page, just click "Take Quiz" to begin the quiz.

There are many different ways to view your results after you have submitted the quiz. You can check your score, submission time, and how much time you spent on the quiz at the top of the quiz. If your instructor has enabled it, you can review your individual attempts below the quiz description, including correct and incorrect answers with feedback, as well as comments from your instructor.

Some quizzes may use Proctorio to remotely proctor quiz attempts. Proctorio only works on Google Chrome with the Proctorio extension installed. For more information on how to install Proctorio, see the Proctorio Setup Guide.

For more information on quizzes, see the Instructure Help Pages.


Discussion pages allow the instructor and students to have topic-oriented online discussions. For example, the instructor could post an article and require students to give their opinions about the article.

For more information on discussion pages, you can look at the Instructure Help Pages.

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