Canvas App for iOS

This tutorial will show you how to find, install, and get started with the Canvas app for iOS.


The Canvas app has been updated a few times recently, so use the following image to check if you have the most recent version.

Screenshot of the apps.

Step 1

Tap the App Store app.

Screenshot of the App Store app.

Step 2

Search for Canvas by Instructure and then find the app as shown in the following image.

Screenshot of the Canvas app in the app store.

Step 3

Next, tap GET and then tap INSTALL.

Screenshot of the GET button.


Screenshot of the INSTALL option.

Step 4

Open the app and then type in Southern Utah University.

Screenshot of the Canvas page.

Step 5

Type in your login information.

Screenshot of logging in.

Step 6

If you are on your own device, tap the box next to Remember Authorization. Then tap Authorize.

Screenshot of the Authorize page.

Step 7

Review the following image to learn the different features of the Canvas app.

  1. Select the options at the top of the window to toggle between viewing your courses and viewing your groups.

  2. Select the Account button in the top left corner to open your account settings or files, logout, or get help.

  3. Select the gear icon in the top right corner to choose which courses you want to be displayed on the dashboard.

  4. Select the pencil icon to change the color of the box.

  5. Select the box to navigate to the homepage for that course.

  6. Select the megaphone to view the announcements for that course.

  7. Select the paper icon to navigate to the assignments for that course.

  8. Select the speech bubble icon to navigate to the discussions for that course.

  9. Select the folder to navigate to the files for that course.

  10. Select Courses in the pane on the bottom to navigate back to the dashboard (this page).

  11. Select Calendar in the pane on the bottom to view all of the events and assignments for all of your courses on a calendar.

  12. Select To Do in the pane on the bottom to view a list of items that need to be submitted (students) or graded (instructors).

  13. Select Notifications in the pane on the bottom to view notifications about new assignments, due date changes, etc.

  14. Select Messages in the pane on the bottom to read and send messages within Canvas.

Screenshot of the dashboard.


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