Missing Content/Courses

Several factors may influence why you don't see all of your content or courses in the Courses list. Below you can see the main reasons students are missing content or unable to see their courses in Canvas.

Is There Some Content Missing from Your Course?

  1. If you can see the content in the course but the file "cannot be found," a likely problem is spaces in the file name. Your instructor has to fix this.
  2. The instructor has not published the content.
  3. The instructor has not published the course. This is the likely the problem if you cannot access the course at all.
  4. The instructor has locked the content from student access.
  5. The instructor has not added the content to the course at all.
  6. The browser you're using may be causing problems with displaying content. Try using an updated version of Firefox to view Canvas.

You will need to contact your instructor if you tried using an updated version of Firefox, but the content still didn't show up.

Can't See Your Courses?

1. You're looking too soon. Your courses will not show up in the courses list until the first day of class.

2. The course is unpublished. Your instructor may not have published the course yet. This step has to be taken before any students can see the course. If you believe that you should see the course but don't, contact your instructor.

3. You need to customize your courses list. The courses list can be customized to show only certain courses. To make sure some of your courses aren't hiding, select Courses in the pane on the left, select All Courses, and make sure all of your current courses have a star next to them.

4. You registered less than 48 hours ago. The server requires up to two full days to push newly registered students into their courses.

5. Your instructor does not use Canvas. All online courses are on Canvas, but not all face-to-face courses are. Your instructor may have chosen not to use Canvas. Contact your instructor to double check.

6. If you continue to have issues, please contact Online Teaching and Learning for assistance.

NOTE: Your courses will no longer appear in the courses list shortly after the semester ends. However, if your instructor does not lock the course at the end of the semester, you will still be able to access your past courses by selecting Courses and then selecting All Courses.

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