Getting Your Canvas Shell

All academic courses are automatically created by Banner prior to course registration. Therefore, the majority of course shells do not need to be requested. However, some courses are not automatically created, such as courses that have​:

  1. just been newly "activated" by the Registrar's office post registration

  2. a non-academic purpose by employees needing a Canvas shell.

If your shell falls into either of these categories, submit the Shell Request Form

As you are preparing to fill out the Course Shell Request Form, you will want to be ready to provide the subject, course number, section number, and CRN of the course you are requesting. You will also have to enter the full name of the course in the appropriate field (either "Full Academic" or "Non-Academic") and provide the name of the department/organization that the course falls under, semester in which the course is being offered, and the contact information of the instructor or facilitator of the course.

Screenshot of the request form.


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