Guide to the My Media and Media Gallery Tools

Curious about the My Media and Media Gallery tools? Running out of file storage? This guide will introduce you to the My Media and Media Gallery tools and help you get started using them. Select the links included in the text for in-depth information on those topics.

Audio and video are often great implements to a course, and so you may want to add them to your Canvas course. The most obvious method to doing so is uploading the file to your course through the Files tool, but uploading media this way takes up your limited file space. To avoid this issue, you have the option to use the My Media or Media Gallery tools instead. These tools allow you to upload media to the Kaltura server, which saves media externally from Canvas and keeps your file storage free.

An additional benefit to using the My Media and Media Gallery tools is that these tools also help you create media rather than just upload it. The Webcam Recording, Screen Recording, Video Quiz creator, and Desktop Recorder features give you the option to create media within Canvas and then make it available to your students.

Select the following link for a comprehensive list of My Media and Media Gallery tutorials: /help/section/699

You can embed media from My Media anywhere you see this toolbar, which has the Kaltura icon:

Screenshot of the toolbar with the Kaltura icon.

If you use the My Media tool in your course, your students can also use it to include media in the course. If you have an assignment that requires your students to submit media, consider setting the assignment to accept Text Entry submissions in addition to Media Recordings and/or File Uploads. The Text Entry option is the only submission type that gives students access to the icon they need to submit media from the Kaltura server.

Screenshot of the Text Entry option.

So what is the difference between the My Media and Media Gallery tools? My Media holds all of the media you upload or create using the My Media or Media Gallery tools in all of your courses. However, students cannot access media in your My Media tool unless you embed the media somewhere else in the course. On the other hand, the Media Gallery includes only the media that you specifically publish. Therefore, if you are planning on embedding video/audio in an assignment, discussion, etc., you only need to use the My Media tool. However, if your media is not directly related to your course content, publish your media in the Media Gallery tool so your students have access to it.

Activating the My Media and Media Gallery Tools

Now that you're more familiar with the purpose of the My Media and Media Gallery tools, you will need to activate them before you can start using them. To activate these tools, open one of your courses and select the Settings tool at the bottom of the navigation pane on the left.

Screenshot of the Settings tool.

Select the Navigation tab at the top of the page. Next, select the My Media tool and drag it from the bottom section to the top. Repeat with the Media Gallery tool.

Screenshot of the Navigation tab and dragging tools.

Select Save to keep your changes.

Screenshot of the Save button.


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