UEN Media

This tutorial will show you how to include videos from UEN in your canvas course

Step 1

In the module tab select the + button to add a page to your course. This also works for pages that already exist.

screenshot of module tab

Step 2

Under the +button select add content page then after you've added the new page and added the name of the page select add item to save the page.

screenshot of add page tool

Step 3

On the page that was just made select the edit button and then select the small e in the toolbar above the area where you enter text.

screenshot of text edit toolbar

Step 4

Search for the media or presentation that you want to include in your course.

screenshot of media tool

Step 5

Select from the files that were found in the search the one that you wish to include

screenshot of possible search results

Step 6

Scroll down and select the type of file that you want to embed. (Note that flash won't work on Apple products)

screenshot of the selection tool for videos

Step 7

From this page, you can either continue your search or you can select the green icon to embed the file in your course.

screenshot of insert video file button

Step 8

Once the file is in your course it won't show up like an embedded video player but rather an embedded link to the video that was selected. Just add the text desired to the page and select the save button to save the page. (you will have to publish the page like any other page.)

screenshot of assignment edit toolbar

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