Uploading Videos into Discussions

This tutorial will show you how to upload and post a video from My Media into a discussion board.

Step 1

Open up the discussion board in which you wish to post the video by selecting Discussions in the pane on the left and then selecting the discussion.

Screenshot of the Discussions tool.

Screenshot of selecting a discussion.

Step 2

Select Reply at the bottom and then select the Kaltura icon.

Screenshot of the reply button and Kaltura button.

Step 3

Select Add New and then select one of the options in the drop-down menu. Navigate to one of the following tutorials for more instructions on the specific type of media you want to embed:

  1. Uploading Media to My Media

  2. Using the My Media Screen Recorder

  3. Using the My Media Webcam Tool

Screenshot of the Add New button.

Step 4

Once you have uploaded the media and see the gray placeholder box, select post reply to post to the discussion board.

Screenshot of the Post Reply  button.


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