Turnitin has its own grading, peer review, and rubric system, but they do not integrate with Canvas, so Online Teaching and Learning does not provide support for those features. If you choose to use the features provided by Turnitin, please refer to Turnitin's support services.

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For those of you who use Turnitin GradeMark and have developed QuickMark comments, these can be imported into your Canvas course. The following link will take you to the tutorial in Turnitin Help Center: 

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Note: While not all instructors use a rubric many do, to see if your assignment has a rubric attached review Accessing Assignment Rubric Tutorial to see how to find the rubric. /help/article/1481/student-accessing-assignment-rubric

Step 1

Open up the assignment that uses Turnitin

Step 2

Select the upload submission button

Step 3

Select a file to upload

Step 4

Once you upload the file it will show the submission uploaded successfully banner.

If you are an instructor who would like more details about Turnitin, go to How to use Turnitin.

If you are a student who would like to learn more about Turnitin results, go to Turnitin Results.


Turnitin uses certain colors to represent similarity percentages.

Blue: 0% (a valid result)

Green: 1-24%

Yellow: 25-49%

Orange: 50-74%

Red: 75-100%

Example: If you get an orange 52% similarity percentage, that means that 52% of your paper is exactly the same as other sources found by Turnitin.

Instructor View (SpeedGrader):

Screenshot of the speech bubble icon.

Student View (Submission Details):

Screenshot of the speech bubble icon.

This tutorial is an overview of where to access the Turnitin reports for your submitted assignments and how to interpret the results. For more detailed instructions, visit the Turnitin tutorials by selecting the following link: Turnitin Tutorials

Open the assignment and then select the similarity percentage.

The color of the rectangle corresponds to the similarity percentage. Select the following link for more details: /help/article/571/interpreting-turnitin-color-codes

Screenshot of the Submission Details option.

The originality report will open in a new window. You will see your submission in the center.

  1. Select the speech bubble icon to view your instructors' comments.

  2. Select the number button to view the match overview. The number represents the similarity percentage.

  3. Select the list button to view all of the sources to which your assignment matched.

  4. Select the funnel button to filter to which sources your paper is matched.

  5. Select the download button to open the Download menu.

  6. Select the information button to view a summary of details about your submission.

Screenshot of the originality report.

Opening the Originality Report

Open the assignment for which Turnitin as been activated. Once your students submit their assignments, you will see the following options:

  1. Select the title of the paper to view the full Turnitin originality report.

  2. The colored box and percentage indicate the similarity score for the assignment. Select the colored box to view the full originality report. A clock icon means that the originality score is still loading and not available yet.

  3. Select the arrow icon to download the submission.

  4. Select the garbage can icon to delete the submission.

  5. Select Download to download a grade report or your students' submissions.

Screenshot of the Assignment Inbox.

Interpreting the Originality Report

Make sure the Originality option is selected (red) in the top left corner. Select the word Originality to turn it on if it is not selected already.

Screenshot of the Originality button.

In the Match Overview pane, you will see the source of copied information and what percentage of the assignment was copied from that source.

Screenshot of the Match Overview pane.

Select the source to see where the information from that course is in the assignment.

Screenshot of the highlighted text.

  1. Select the colored number on the assignment to open a pop-up box that gives more information about the source.

  2. Select the title of the source to open the source in a new tab in your browser. If the source is from another student paper, you will be given an option to request to view the paper from the instructor to whom the paper was submitted.

  3. Select Full Source View in the top right corner of the pop-up to view the entire source in the pane on the right

Screenshot of the pop-up window.

Use the buttons in the top right corner of the Match Overview pane to toggle between the Match Overview pane and the All Sources pane.

Screenshot of the toggle buttons.

To view the match breakdown details for a source, select the arrow that appears when you hover your cursor over the source in the Match Overview pane.

Screenshot of the arrow.

To remove some of the sources from the match breakdown, select Exclude Sources at the bottom of the pane. Select the sources you do NOT want the paper to be compared to and then select Exclude.

Screenshot of the match breakdown pane.

To restore the sources you excluded

  1. Select the circle icon at the bottom of the pane

  2. Select the boxes next to the sources you want to restore

  3. Select Restore.

Screenshot of excluding sources.

To filter the type of information that is compared to other sources

  1. Select the funnel icon at the bottom of the pane on the right

  2. Select/deselect the applicable options

  3. Select Apply Changes.

Select New Report to compare your student's submission to the internet and other students' papers again. You may have to wait several minutes before a new report is available.

Screenshot of the filtering pane.

Use the buttons in the bottom left corner to

  1. View more details about the submitted assignment

  2. Get the code to use the Turnitin app

  3. Download the document

Screenshot of the buttons in the bottom left corner.

Select the dropdown menu at the top of the window to switch between other papers submitted by the student.

Screenshot of the drop-down menu.

Select the arrows in the top right corner to switch between students. Select Paper 1 of 2 to open the drop-down menu to select a specific student.

Screenshot of the arrow buttons.

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