Get Connected On Campus Wireless

We are excited to offer higher security options with campus wireless.  Please use this tool to configure all wifi devices that you bring to campus.  We offer two networks on campus, SUU and eduroam.  Eduroam provides preconfigured wifi access as you travel to other schools and some state facilities throughout the US and abroad.  Test eduroam on campus before visiting other sites. SUU remains the primary daily wifi on campus for students and faculty/staff.  Students who live in the dorms should select SUU_TLS.  You will also get the housing specific wifi password when you check in at the housing office.   Users who connect to campus wifi agree to abide by our use policy. You will also need a valid suu user account to connect.  Guests may select the guest access option below.  Android devices will need to install the SecureW2 join now app from the play store.  Windows, Mac, and Linux  devices will download a wrapper file to configure the profile.  Follow the instructions carefully.  Select an option below to get started.

SUU & eduroam Wifi  Windows   Open and run the wrapper file in your browser or download folder.

SUU & eduroam Wifi  Mac OS   Only use safari browser to onboard your device. Note on keychain prompts you may need to select always allow.

Iphone, Ipad, Android, Chromebook.  Androids must have SecureW2 join now app installed. Ipad must use safari browser to onboard.  On Ipad tap AA icon to the left of url address box in safari.  Select request mobile website.  Proceed to onboard.

Campus Housing Wifi  Founders, Eccles, Cedar Halls, Ponderosa. You will be given the housing wifi password at check in at the housing office.

I don't know my OS  This option auto detects which OS and device you have.

Linux Download the file, then in terminal  chmod +x    then  ./

Campus Guests     You will need a phone number for the text option and a valid e-mail address.

If you are on campus you can also onboard your device by connecting to suu-onboard-guest wifi portal and completing the process.  Connect to suu-onboard-guest or SUU-Guest and open a web browser.  Safari (required for IOS-Mac), or chrome browser and you will be directed to the onboard link.  You may need to select advanced and proceed to be redirected to the landing page. Staff and students should choose the TLS option.  Guests must choose guest option.

If you need further assistance you may visit the IT Help Desk in Sharwan Smith Rm 107 across from the cafeteria.

Phone: (435)-865-8200


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