Wireless Troubleshooting

Students must be registered for classes to have their SUU account fully active for wireless access.

If the process failed, delete the wireless profile and try again here.  Make sure you are in range of campus wireless.

EDUROAM-  If you are visiting and having connection issues, you may need to contact your home institution to verify your account status.

WINDOWS-  Make sure your password is entered correctly.  Do not use autofill. Test it here MySUU portal.  Delete previous wireless profiles.  Update your wireless drivers, apply windows updates.  You may need to momentarily disable antivirus malware software.

ANDROID-  On Androids you will need to delete the old SUU profile before you onboard.  Re-open the join now app and try again.  You must leave the secureW2 Join Now app installed to connect.  Sometimes turning off wifi and using LTE cellular data allows the process to complete.  Then re-enable wifi. Some secuity apps can block the profile install.

APPLE IOS-  Use safari browser to onboard. On IOS devices if you get a SCEP server error, it could mean you entered your username or password in-correctly.  Do not use auto fill.  Test your password on the My SUU portal.  Some secuity apps can block the profile install. Did you return to settings- general- and finish installing the profile ?  Then select SUU in settings-wifi.  Ensure that safari is loading the mobile website.  To the left of address box in safari tap AA, select request mobile website.  Proceed to onboard.

APPLE WATCH-  You must install the profile on your phone first.  Return to the onboard link and then select apple watch when prompted to complete the process.

Mac OS-  Reboot your macbook prior to onboarding.  Use safari browser to onboard. Do not use autofill to enter a password.  SCEP error usually means a bad username or password was entered. Delete the safari browser cache and re-onboard.  You may need to click "always allow" on the last keychain prompt during installation.  Some secuity apps can block the profile install.

CHROMEBOOK-  Follow the instructions carefuly. You may need to be signed in to chrome to view the ONC file and install it.  When you select the ONC file to install, it may say "file not selected".  It does "silently" install in the background.  Go to the wireless and then select SUU.  It should connect with your user certificate.

If these steps do not work, you may have a locked account.  Delete all old SUU profiles on your devices then download the profile again.  Any phone, laptop, roku etc with the old profile or password could be causing the lock out.  Contact the IT Help Desk.

Phone: (435)-865-8200
Email: support@suu.edu 


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