Tips For Better Wireless on Campus

Preconfigure your wifi before you get to campus.  The process should complete but may indicate the network is out of range.  You must have a valid suu account to connect. For students this happens after you register for classes.  Guests may select the guest option.

Get connected here.

If you are buying a new device get one that supports at a minimum 802.11n, 802.11AC, or wifi6 if possible.  Dual band 2.4 and 5 ghz wifi is prefered.  Dual band devices will provide a much better experience especially if you live in the dorms.

You can purchase an aftermarket usb wifi card for better performance if your laptop is a bit older.

Android devices can pre install the SecureW2 join now app from the play store.  The app must remain installed to connect on our wifi.

Upgrade your device to the latest OS if possible.  Apply OS patches.

Install wireless driver updates.  The IT Help Desk can help you if needed.

Run a current anti-virus anti malware product. Sometimes it's not the wifi's fault...

Get in the habit of deleting old unused wifi profiles.  motel6, freewifi etc.

If possible put your most used wifi profiles at the top of the list.  This sets the order of connection priority.

Delete open non encrypted wifi profiles.  These are a security risk to you.

Do not bring your own wifi router.  This violates our policy and creates a worse wireless environment. Wifi channel space is very limited.

Do not download or share or host copyrighted material movies, music etc.  This violates policy and your network privileges may be revoked.

Turn off wifi enabled printers when not in use.

In the dorms 1gig wired connections are also available !!  Bring an ethernet cord and dongle if needed as a backup.  Use a wired connection for smart TV, Roku, and game consoles where possible.

IT Help DeskPhone: (435)-865-8200


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