Access the Virtual Desktop Through a Web Browser

1.)  Go to


2.)  On the Microsoft sign in page, put in your email in the text box and click Next.


3.) On the Southern Utah University screen, under the header Sign in with your organizational account, put in your email and your SUU portal password. Click Sign in.


4.) Under the SUU header, you should see the Windows Virtual Desktop labeled as SUU Desktop. Click on SUU Desktop.


5.)  Check Clipboard and Printer. Click Allow.


6.)  Enter your SUU portal username and password. Click Submit.


7.) After entering your SUU portal username and password, the Remote Desktop application will load the Southern Utah University: NOTICE TO USERS screen. Click OK.


8.) A push will automatically be sent to your device.


9.) Once you accept the push or enter the passcode, it will log you into the virtual desktop. 


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