Personal and Community Safety

As the safety and security of our community is of primary concern, it is vital that each resident take it upon himself or herself to ensure that she or he is safe and secure and by extension those within his or her sphere of influence is similarly safe and secure. Behaviors such as ensuring that building entrance and exit doors are always securely closed behind you and that you do not open the door for a person you do not know are always helpful. Being certain to always have your University identification and keys with you means that you'll always have access to a secure area and be able to prove who you are to a University staff member in case of emergency.

You should always try to travel in groups or with a friend when on campus or around the residence halls. Remain in lighted areas whenever possible and stay alert. In this day and age students walk around campus while talking or texting on their cell phone, listening to their mp3 player, and much, much more. Please think of walking around campus as you might think of driving on a busy street or highway. Minimizing distractions and being aware of your surroundings is always the best way to prevent situations that will compromise your safety.


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