Check In and Check Out

It is vital that you complete all paperwork and attend all meetings related to your check in and check out from the residence halls. These meetings include, but are not limited to, an opening and closing floor meeting during each semester and a room inspection, or check-out appointment, if desired. In addition to the Housing Application and Agreement (Sections 9 and 13), your RA and UH will provide information in the weeks leading up to the end of each semester to assist you in completing this process properly. After making a check-out appointment, your RA will bring the correct paperwork to your appointment. You are responsible for turning this paperwork in and paying any charges incurred. Your RA will list any discrepancies between the Room Condition Report and actual room condition. This list will then be supplied to the UH professional staff to determine the total amount of charges and the date full payment is due. Failure to pay your balance in full may result in a hold on your University account.


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