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PT internships #14380

Alpine Fitness



Category: Off-Campus

Position Type: Internship

Open until Wed, October 11, 2017 expired

Wage: Unpaid internships

Location: Park City, UT


For those who are looking for summer PT internships, this one is a blast! We like our interns to be prepared and we accomplish this by having them practice, practice, practice. This internship provides some of the best hands-on experience in the state.

The internship is 225 hours of hands-on learning and teaching. Interns will be trained how to document and write detailed SOAP notes, Treatment records, Procedure records and other PT documents. They will also learn modalities, mobilizations and other techniques including PNF. The internship is structured so that those who put forth the most effort will learn the most. Being proactive and taking initiative will be the key to your success with us. By the end of the internship, interns will be able to create their own treatment plan for a number of different diagnoses. This internship is one of the best in Utah because of all the hands-on training they will receive.

We currently have internship openings on the following shifts:

MWF mornings 6-11am TTHS mornings 6-11am MW evenings 3-8 Sat 6-11am TTH evenings 3-8 Sat 6-11am


Health/exercise related major, preferably experience in training/coaching.

Application Instructions:

Anyone interested in applying needs to send their resume to to set up an interview.

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