Football Team Launder #25126




Category: On-Campus

Position Type: Student Hourly

Open until filled

Work Hours: 20 hours per week

Wage: 7.75/hr

Location: Cedar City, UT


The team launder will wash football clothing and gear after every practice and game. You will need to be able to work nights (Tuesday starting at 7:00pm, Wednesday starting at 7:20pm, Thursday starting at 7:00 PM) till all of the laundry is done and hung back into the lockers. This is a good job for students because you will have time between loads to get homework done, there will also be a computer for you to work on in the office if needed.

This position is for the fall, so you will not be starting till August 1st.


Be able to work a washing machine and dryer. Must be able to work nights and weekends (Sunday) Work diligently when wash cycle ends and hang clean clothes in the lockers while other loads are finishing. Work every day that you are scheduled, we will not be able to grant days off due to our players need for clean practice clothing. No previous criminal charges for theft. Must be able to lift up to 35 lbs

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