Football Video Assistant #25127




Category: On-Campus

Position Type: Student Hourly

Open until filled

Work Hours: 20 hours per week

Wage: 7.25/hr

Location: Cedar City, UT


The Football Video Assistant will assist the Football Video Coordinator with filming all practices. The Football Video Assistant is a critical part in the team’s success. Video Assistant will film practice during spring ball for the coaching staff to us as a teaching instrument. Video Assistants will be required to do film breakdown as well as assist with general video office duties.

Video Assistants are to show up 30 minutes before practice begins Video Assistants are to have practice film upload and shared with the coaching staff within 45 minutes after practice has ended. Video Assistant is to film every period or rep that is designated to them by the Video Coordinator. Video Assistants will help the Video Coordinator with maintain filming equipment. Video Assistants are to help proper lift operations. Video Assistants are to make sure work space and equipment is properly stored.

This jobs start date is not till August 1st


-Must be able to work afternoons and weekends -Must be able to work outside in hot or cold weather conditions -Must be able to lift up to 35lbs -Must be reliable and on time to all scheduled practices, we will not give a day off because we do not have someone to fill in for you! -Must be comfortable to work from heights above 20’ -Knowledge of Football is very helpful -Knowledge of video equipment is helpful -Knowledge of DV Sports and Dragonfly is helpful -Knowledge of operating mechanical lifts is helpful

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