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Facilities Maintenance Intern #32126

Outdoor Pathways



Category: On-Campus

Position Type: Internship

Open until Fri, March 12, 2021 expired

Work Hours: 40

Wage: $15.00

Location: Cedar City, UT


Schedule: 9-hour days with 4 days one week and 5 days the next. Weekend and holiday work will be required. Expect 4 hours of overtime every two weeks with this schedule.

Dates: 05-10-2021 - 09-03-2021

Agency: National Park Service

Location: Cedar Breaks National Monument


This overview is for multiple agency positions/locations including the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service. Different locations may have some specialized duties specific to the agency. Interns will work within some or all of the duties listed. Primarily, interns will assist agency facilities management with all aspects of facilities maintenance. Duties may include assisting with new facilities projects as well. Interns will also work to maintain and manage front country and backcountry trails, boundary fences, overlooks, roads, signs, recycling programs and utility systems. In some locations, maintenance of cultural features is also required. Significant training and mentoring opportunities provided. Custodial duties are also required.

Position Responsibilities (some of, or a combination of):

The intern will work under the supervision of craftsmen in the respective agency maintenance departments and perform a variety of maintenance related tasks. Duties include but are not limited to: Assisting in preservation projects and carpentry projects such as the repair and repainting of structures, signs, fences, utility systems and may include other cultural landscape features such as wagons, historical structures, and other site-specific maintenance. Facility maintenance such as flooring, cabinets, sheetrock repair, window replacement, etc. Assisting with trail maintenance and reconstruction and campsite and recreation facility maintenance (including some custodial duties). It includes grounds maintenance (mowing grass, pruning, trimming, raking and weeding), livestock care, feeding, cleaning corrals and chicken coop (specific locations). Internships will also include an introduction to computer-based maintenance management systems. Most work will be performed outside in a range of temperatures and weather conditions. Some work may be strenuous, and may be required to lift 50-100lbs.


This position requires an Interest or experience in civil construction-related fields. The ability to perform strenuous physical exertion including but not limited to, hiking, lifting, carrying, bending, digging, biking, walking and standing. It requires good oral and written communication skills and candidates must be interested in learning how to care for various aspects of the agency location through hands-on, mind-on projects; be able to work on tasks independently and as part of a team; and work in outdoor and indoor settling throughout the summer months.

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