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Biological Science Technician (Wildlife) #32308

Outdoor Pathways



Category: On-Campus

Position Type: Internship

Open until Wed, March 10, 2021 expired

Work Hours: 40

Wage: $15.10

Location: Cedar City, UT


Schedule: 4/10, Mon-Thurs

Dates: 05-24-2021 - 08-20-2021

Agency: United States Forest Service

Location: LOA


Assist the Fremont River Ranger District Biologist with the wildlife program in terrestrial species and habitat monitoring, data collection, and data entry. Government Housing is available. Government housing is available and located in Teasdale Utah.

Position Responsibilities:

Conduct field work including Forest sensitive species monitoring and project level surveys. Monitor and provide needed maintenance on wildlife water developments. Occasional office work will include data entry. Other duties as assigned. Candidates must be willing to hike multiple miles in a day in rugged terrain with a pack, drive 4X4 vehicle in remote locations on rough roads, and work outdoors in adverse weather conditions.


A valid driver’s license and the ability to work effectively and independently for long hours in the field. A working knowledge of GPS, and reading maps. Experience in 4x4 vehicle operation and ATV use. Basic knowledge of bird and mammal identification desired. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work well alone and in group situations.

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