Systems and Operations Assistant #34691

Graduate & Online Enrollment Management



Category: On-Campus

Position Type: Student Hourly

Open until filled

Work Hours: 18-20 hours per week during the academic year; 36-40 hours per week during the summer

Wage: $9.00 per hour

Location: Cedar City, UT


The Online and Graduate Department is seeking a student employee for a Systems and Operations Assistant position. They would be a significant asset to the online and graduate team to help improve and maintain marketing, recruitment, processing, and advising systems used within the Online and Graduate division. A Systems and Operations Assistant will help maintain current systems and help develop automated workflows for various functions of the department. Duties include cleaning up duplicate data, managing data imports, developing integrations across the department, and developing creative solutions to streamline and automate processes.

The position entails working in no-code and SQL environments. The position requires the ability to translate processes and duties of others into various database systems and developing simple user experience solutions to streamline and automate those processes and duties. Solutions should be accessible, efficient, and simple. Database experience is helpful. To properly achieve results, it is required that the assistant work at least 20 hours a week during the academic year and 32-40 hours a week during the summer semester.

Assistants should be highly motivated, have a professional demeanor, and have strong communication skills when interacting with staff, faculty, and administration; they should be inclined to work with a high level of engagement in a professional office.


-Hold the university in great esteem.

-Know the benefits of higher education on employment and personal achievement.

-Customer service experience entailing one-on-one and one on many interactions is highly sought.

-Must possess a high level of interpersonal and communication skills to accurately and ethically convey improvement suggestions and ideas with others.

-Must be self-motivated with the ability to work effectively in a team environment and perform tasks independently.

-Must be student-oriented and have the ability to perform multiple tasks efficiently and effectively.

-Good mathematical and logical skills required.

-Database experience preferred.

-SQL proficiency preferred.

-Experience with Banner, CRMs ( Slate, et al), and Airtable, preferred.

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