ABC's of SUU

LOL , TTYL, and BFF, are all forms of acronyms used in everyday texting. But what about college life? Here you will find a video on some key acronyms used around SUU's campus.

  • Big Sky Conference: Athletic conferences for all sports (except gymnastics which is in the Mountain Rim Conference)

  • Gerald Sherratt: 13th SUU President from 1982-1997. Sherratt is remembered as a true visionary, innovator and a key part in SUU's legacy. This legacy is celebrated by the SUU traditions of rubbing the head of his statue in the library for good luck on final exams.

  • ACES: Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success. Learn more about ACES at

  • SSA: Student Success Advisor. Your SSA will help you know which classes you need to take for your major and get you involved on campus. Find a list of SSAs and which majors they oversee at

  • Old Sorrel: The name of the horse that saved the expedition of townspeople trying to build the building on campus we know today as Old Main. Old Sorrel has a statue by the soccer fields. Students gather here for "True T-Bird Night," an annual campus tradition. Learn more about the history of Old Sorrel and the founding of SUU at

  • Quad: A green space of grass on campus used to gather on for different events. We have three quads on campus: PE Quad, Multipurpose Quad, and Upper Quad

  • Gunther the Rock: A rock on the Business Quad that is painted by different clubs and organizations on campus to advertise their events.

  • Thunderbird: Mascot of SUU

Based off the information in this section you should be able to answer the following questions.

  • T/F Acronyms are used a lot in college.
  • T/F You have to know everything when you come to college.
  • Who is Old Sorrel?
  • What is a Thunderbird?
  • What conference is used for all sports except gymnastics?
  • Who is Gunther?
  • When do you rub the head of Gerald Sherratt?