Know What Is Expected

Overall Credits: In order to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree you must have a minimum of 120 credits. If you plan to graduate in four years, this means you must take 30 credits each academic school year. This makes your load manageable at 15 credits per semester, but go at the pace that is best for you. If possible, take advantage of summer classes to get ahead!

Understanding your College: There are six Colleges at SUU: College of Science and Engineering (COSE), College of Education (ED), College of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), College of Performing and Visual Arts (CPVA), School of Business (BU), School of Integrated and Engaged Learning). Each college offers a variety of majors You can see a breakdown of each college at

Defining a Major: A major is your primary area of academic study. SUU has over 100 fantastic programs that you can choose from.

Defining a Minor: What if you are majoring in Biology but also have other interests?There is a way to do both. Not only can you focus on a major but you can also obtain a minor. SUU has over 60 minors to choose from.

Upper Division Credits: SUU requires 40 credits of upper division coursework. Freshmen start out with lower division coursework (1000-2999 level classes) and work to upper division (3000-4999 level classes) coursework by their junior year.

General Education: By completing General Education (GE requirements), you will round out your education. You may also discover a new interest or passion! General Education courses includes Math, English, Science, Social Science, History, etc.

Understanding Prerequisites: Some General Education requirements may have prerequisites such as Math. You are placed into general education classes based on ACT scores, previous college level courses, or the accuplacer test (test scores over two years old are not accepted)..

Based off the information in this section you should be able to answer the following questions.

  • How many colleges does SUU have?
  • What are examples of General Education classes?
  • To graduate in four years, how many credits should I be taking each semester?
  • How many Majors does SUU offer?
  • How many upper division classes are required to graduate with your Bachelor’s?