EDGE Project

The EDGE Project is a chance for you to gain experience doing something you love for SUU credit. Employers recognize the importance of practical experience, and when you select a project that relates to your interests and builds your skills, you will be rewarded for it in the workplace. SUU knows what employers want, and therefore built those wants into your graduation requirements so that you would be an asset the second you graduate.

We ask our students to think about where they would like to end up once they graduate. With that target in mind, we ask students to design, propose, organize, execute, document, and reflect on that project. These projects are a chance for you add experience to your resume, complete a hands on project and reach your graduation goals.. Show us what you've got.

How does the EDGE Program work?

  • Orientation and overview (EDGE 1010) - Start an ePortfolio
  • Explore possibilities
  • Commit to a project (EDGE 3000-3050) - Proposal
  • Complete your project
  • Reflect on your experience (EDGE 4000-4050)

For more information regarding past projects please visit https://indd.adobe.com/view/6644faec-2ba6-42df-9d5b-103eeb607cd8

Based off the information within this section you should be able to answer the following questions.

  • T/F The EDGE Project is personalized to help you achieve your own goals and interests.
  • How might you be able to use a self-designed experiential learning project to further your own educational goals?
  • Which past EDGE projects are interesting to you?